Four Men. One Passion. Wine!
The story of a very masculine wine

Part I: When a man’s dream comes true

Paul Barth is a tenacious entrepreneur. He goes for what he wants and has a zest for life. Excellent food, fantastic wines and a good laugh with his mates – the things that make Paul’s days special! He grew up between his father’s Riesling vines in Germany’s beautiful Rheingau region. Over the past decades he has established his own building business.

But over the recent years he has been dreaming of his own winery in South Africa – his second home...


Part II: Stellenbosch, South Africa

Finally his dream has come true!
He has now bought his own estate in the heart of the winelands of renowned Stellenbosch. Kap Vino Estate. Surrounded by rugged mountains Paul grows 100% pure Shiraz vines on his land – grapes of exceptional quality for his Howzit wine.


Part III: The South African companion

To cultivate his estate Paul needed a professional. He chose seasoned vintner Christian Kuun – a laid-back South African who has worked for well known wineries in Germany and California. Today, he is the winemaker at Beau Joubert winery. Furthermore, he also creates wines for his own label CK. With Howzit he is now happy to bridge his past experience in Germany with his present life in South Africa.


Part IV: Germany’s young vintner elite

Besides Christian, Paul also teamed up with two German winemakers to create an outstanding intercontinental wine. Mark Barth und Alexander Jung belong to Germany’s young vintner elite. They love South Africa and its exceptional wines. At home, in Germany’s Rheingau region both of them produce outstanding Riesling, Pinot Noir and sparkling wines. They are involved in Howzit’s winemaking process. Furthermore they are presenting Howzit to the German market.

Look forward to an exciting wine for real men. Enjoy Howzit!